About Us
Seconique is a veteran owned and operated trading furniture company that design budget furnishings with the finest elaboration and quality. We offer bedroom, dining and occasional pine wood furniture in exclusive collections designed by us and all produced in Brazil.

Since our very beginning in 1979, we have dedicated ourselves to providing beautiful classical and modern furniture crafted in depth with impeccable design.

For many decades this commitment to our customers has helped us grow to become one of the most trusted trading furniture company from Brazil.
We currently Supply Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and now for the First time in the USA. Seconique is beginning its operations in the US , offering comprehensive product range, outstanding value and competitive prices. Our US Warehouse is located in Edison, NJ. In the US we supply both Online and Brick and Mortar stores.

Our core values which have made us the very best among every other furniture company include:
• Absolute Dedication and Commitment
• Integrity and Honesty
• Service
• Reliability
• Trustworthiness

To be the most sought after furniture company offering quality and unique furniture with a touch of elegance and uniqueness with 100% customer satisfaction.

To produce one-of-a-kind furniture that keeps our customers coming back and new customers come knocking. We aim to be become a household name that is synonymous with quality, elegance, durability, luxury and fashionable furniture products.

Compared to other cheaper/imported products, our prices are very competitive and the standard of work much higher. We only use high grade raw materials and by paying attention to all our customers’ specific needs, we strive to make every piece a masterpiece. It’s one thing to manufacture quality furniture and another to manufacture furniture cheaply and make it look expensive. By purchasing from Seconique Brazil, you not only get furniture that is durable, strong, good looking and manufactured especially for you, but you can have peace of mind that you will walk away as a satisfied customer.
At Seconique Brazil, we understand that everyone has a different idea of how they want their home to look.
We concentrate on providing you with a higher quality for a not-high-price in order to create an enjoyable living space that reflects your unique and personal style.
Your order is uniquely yours and will not be what everyone else has. You may also choose from our large inventory in stock for immediate delivery.

• Quality furniture – You get the best quality Furniture all made from Brazil.
• Manufactured Affordability – We sell for best price we can to Worth the money.
• No worries – Giving you piece of mind by supplying you a warranty on every product.
• Guaranteed Quality – We offer all our products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
• Smiles – You get what you want as we do custom designing around standard furniture.
• Friendship – We are a friendly furniture company, you can communicate with our friendly staff or directly with the owners.
• Designs – in special occasions ( if you are from brick and mortar business ) you can choose the design or supply your own design, choose the wood colour and all specifications.

We strongly supervise our production process, raw materials, packaging and warehousing and to do so, we have the largest export quality control team based in Brazil.

Seconique Brazil is not only committed to making wonderful furniture, but we are also committed to the sustainability of our planet’s limited resources. We strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle manufacturing by-products and employ other creative solutions to conserve natural resources.
100% of our Furniture are made from reforested pine wood forests complying with local and international standards, such as FSC and ISO 14000.

Our business creates jobs for many local citizens, giving them the opportunity to build their own future. Our factories in Brazil employ more than 1000 people directly and 5000 people indirectly. This large team process about 4000 cubic meters of reforested and certificated pine wood every month. We offer our workers and staff a sustainable package, all to ensure that we have happy and willing staff that helps to build furniture of the highest quality for our customers.

We hope you enjoy our site and we request that you send us feedback with any questions, concerns, comments you might have regarding this site, its content, products, services or our company as a whole. Our team's knowledge is second to none. Whether you've got a question or are looking for the next big thing in quality and unique furniture, you're in safe hand at Seconique Brazil.

You can also contact us via your own email sending to: walter@seconiquebrazil.com or info@seconiquebrazil.com and expect a quick and comprehensive answer.